List & Descriptions

Cold Fusion

Single strand application using Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Extension is attached using an ultrasonic vibration,no heat necessary!! Lasts 3-4 months.


Individual strands of Indian Remy Hair are fused with small sections of the clients hair to keratin protein band using either Dibiase hair extensions or Cinderella Hair Extensions. Can last up to 6 months if properly maintained.


Attaches individual strands of hair with small clamping tubes or cylinders using Dreamcatchers Hair Extensions or Perfectress hair extensions. Hair is reusable for up to 24 months and requires tightening every 6-8 weeks.


Micropoint fills in where extensions can’t, including the top of the head and hairline. This method is for fine, thin hair and involves knotting four strands of hair to every one natural hair. Individual strands are crocheted to the natural hair using a gentle, japanese threading technique. Lasts up to 3 months.

Tape Extensions

Panels of high quality European hair are sandwiched between the natural hair using Invisitab hair extensions. This method lasts up to three months and is suitable for medium to thick hair.

Weaves/Lace Frontal Application

Using high quality human hair * featuring Bohyme hair and our own manufactured hair. Cornrow braids are used to position tracks where wefts of hair are sewn onto. A safe method commonly used for hair replacement. Last up to 3 Months.

Volumizing Technique

Hair is added to the top of the head using tiny connection points. No glue or braids are used allowing client to wear their new hair for 4-5 weeks before tightening is needed. This method is suitable for clients with up to fifty percent of hair loss on top of the head.


High quality Indian Remi hair is added to the top of the head using an advanced tape application method. This method is suitable for clients with thinning hair and lasts 4-5 weeks before removal and reapplication is needed.

Hair Grafting

Undetectable skin wefts are applied to scalp for thickness, length, or for hair replacement. Wefts are applied using medical adhesive without damaging existing hair. This method is doctor recommended for baby fine hair and those suffering from hair loss. Lasts 5-8 weeks.


Hair is applied to the scalp using a medical grade adhesive. The result is a natural hairline with no bulk. This method is for clients with advanced Hairloss and lasts four weeks before removal and reapplication is needed.

Eyelash Extensions

Individual synthetic eyelashes are applied per every one natural lash using Novalash eyelash extension system. Lengthens, volumizes, enhances the eye and gives the look of wearing mascara without having to apply it! Lasts up to 2 months. Now featuring the American volume advanced technique by NovalashView photos